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WELCOME to the English home page of our church!


Our church fulfils the order of Jesus to go and preach the Gospel (Mat. 28:19) in our city and it's surroundings and all over the world until He returns back to earth.Our church has about 600 babtised members from city of Vaasa (about 58 000 people), from Mustasaari, and from other communes around the city of Vaasa.

Finland is a bilingual country, and Finland's western coast holds the majority of its Swedish speaking Finnish population, Vaasa, however, also has a Swedish-speaking pentecostal church which has about 280 members.

Our Senior Pastor is Tero Koivisto who was youth pastor our church few years ago. He came back to Vaasa with his wife Maarit who is a pastor our church  today too.

Our church also has a very active children's ministry which is led by Hanna Byah. Hanna works together with other active members of the church they form the children's ministry team.
We also have Anja Seppälä as one of our church workers, who, as well as taking care of the office, also helps in the church in many ways.

Our church also has other forms of ministries such as prison work and community work.

We also have an active street evangelising group which goes to the city center of Vaasa to reach the unreached people on every other Friday.

We have started cell-group formation structure in the church and as a result we have launched a cell-group leader training program. We also have some active cell-groups in the church already and you can ask more about them from the church workers.

Our weekly meetings are as follows:
Tuesdays 18.30 Elämän lähteellä – gospel and prayer meeting
Saturdays 19.00 Asema24 Youthservice.
Sundays 11.00 Weekly service.
NOTE! We have Lingalan (West- African) worship few times at mounth on Sundays.

See the program (in Finnish)
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